Come and unlock the power of applied Machine Learning with us.

Why are you the tech company to work for?

At AltaML, we are dedicated to developing solutions to specific problems that are important to businesses such as revenue, risk or profit. Our purpose is to apply AI to elevate human potential by developing our teams and by partnering with our clients to help them make better business decisions.

We built our company values on:
Humble: Listen to the data
Happy: Tap-dance to work
Gritty: Be persistent, not complacent
Agile: Make small bets, then iterate

If our Purpose and Values excite you, then imagine how engaging it would be to collaborate and experiment with an amazing team of very smart people with diverse experiences and backgrounds.  

Come and unlock the power of applied ML with us. We would love to add your biological uniqueness to our own!

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Who are the people you want to talk to?

We need those who are hungry for knowledge and want to learn new skills, and are also willing to share knowledge and skills with colleagues. You have a strong work ethic and are passionate about the potential of AI and ML concepts.   If this is you and more specifically, if you are a Data Scientist, ML Developer, and even Project Managers, then we would love to connect. Based on our track record in Edmonton, we know our small team in Calgary will be expanding quickly!